Thursday, 19 August 2010

Singular Vs Plural; in relation to the Contract.

Generally some Quantity surveyors are like to put following words at the end of each item description."….. As per Drawings and Specifications" Because, it is not practicable to mention all necessary items, works in a description. For an item, there may be several relavent Drawings and Specifications, then according to the common English we have to use plural words like Drawings/Specifications.

But if we write a BOQ discription with singular words, is it wrong?

According to the Contract, the answer is "NO".Because in a contract singular word may governs the plural word also. Beams and Beam may give same meaning in a contract not like in general english.

For an example in FIDIC 1999 sub clause 1.2(Interpretation)has been mentioned;

(b) words indicating the singular also include the plural and words indicating the plural also include the singular.

Now a another question, this FIDIC is a condition of contract, is the BOQ a part of the contract?

We can get a clear answer for that from sub clause 1.1(Definition), it says; 

"Contract" means the Contract Agreement, the Letter of Acceptance, the Letter of Tender, these Conditions, the Specification, the Drawings, the Schedules, and the further documents (if any) which are listed in theContract Agreement or in the Letter of Acceptance.

BOQ is a schedule as stated under sub clause 1.1, in


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