Wednesday, 16 December 2009

m²/m³ OR m2/m3

When we are preparing a BOQ we have to use m² and m³ as unit.

In some BOQ's I have seen both m²/m³ or m2/m3 used as abbrevation for Squaremeter and Cubic meter

What is the correct abbreviation?

1) According to the SMM7 m²/m³ is the abbreviation for Squaremeter and Cubic meter

2) As stated on CESMM both m²/m³ and m2/m3 are use as the abbreviation for Squaremeter and Cubic meter

Then QS should use the correct abbreviation according to the Standard method of measurement.

How to type power

1 ) Type 2/3 as usual. Then select the 2/3. After that Right click and select format cells.. . Select Superscript check button. Click ok

2) ALT + 0178/0179

3) Use "Auto correct option"

a) Click Windows button

b) Click "Excel options"

c) Select "profing"

d) Click "auto correct option", the you will see the "auto correct" window

e) Below "replace" type m2 and below "with:" type m² ( By using ALT+0178 OR do as first method, then copy paste)

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